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Where your door lock is old, you may need to replace it probably due to breakage or just out of a concern about a door key that strays. You may choose to engage the services of a professional to carry out the Thornhill door lock repair for you. But you should note that this is likely to leave you up to $100 poorer and yet you could carry out the task on your own. You can make the work easier for you by following some steps while changing the lock.

You will need to begin your door lock repair Thornhill by buying the deadbolt lock. Find a good model and note down the name of its manufacturer. Then make a visit to the store to look for the new lock. If possible, you should buy a lock whose model and brand is similar to the one which you have currently installed. This is in order to make the process of installation easier. However, if a similar model and brand aren’t available, you should ask an attendant to help you choose one that is close to the previous one.

The next step in carrying out a door lock repair in Thornhill is to remove the old lock. You can do this by removing the 2 screws that are meant to hold the lock cylinder in its place. These are found on the deadbolt lock inside cylinder. After removing the screws, separate the outer and inner cylinder using your hands. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to pull out the locks two cylinder straight out. You should then remove the screw used to hold the entire bolt mechanism in its place. These are usually two screws with one above and another below the bolt. Then you should remove the cylinder’s hole the remaining locking mechanism.

The next step in emergency door lock repair Thornhill should involve installing the new mechanism. Begin this step by inserting the current bolt into the mechanism’s hole. Where the new lock’s screw is smaller as compared to the previous ones, make use of a toothpick to create a wedge the old screw holes and the new one. Break off the toothpick after you have inserted it. This will give a firmer grip to the hole of the screw. After this you should install the lock cylinder. You should align these on the doors both side. Ensure that they are also properly aligned with the door’s locking mechanism. They should be attached to any receivers or gears inside the lock mechanism. After aligning the two cylinders, insert the cylinder that retain screws and tighten then in a secure manner.

The last step in installing the 24 hour door lock repair Thornhill is to test the lock mechanism. You should do this by inserting the key for the new lock into the cylinder on the outside. You should then turn the key several times. Use the latch or knob to test the lock on the inside mechanism. Where you would like any kind of assistance, contact us.