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According to the report from the security bodies, a home is broken into after every 15.4 seconds. This makes it essential for every home owner to beef up the security of their residence with the help of advanced locks systems. There are scores of options to choose from, making it important to put enough due diligence in order to establish the company that would suit your needs best. The following are the main kinds of units lockout services Thornhill mainly uses.

Double cylinder lock

These are among the popular locksets recommended by Thornhill Lockout services. In order to open them, you need a key that is inserted in home and twisted to give a specific code. Another key, that should be removed from the lock helps in stopping thieves from breaking into close door sidelights or windows, throw in their hands and open the doors.

The deadbolt is always popular

The deadbolts make the most essential part of a lockset in every exit or entry doors of every home. The doors that lead to an interconnected garage would also be suitable when secured used with locks system. When making the choice for the deadbolt locks, ascertain to choose the most advanced units in order to enjoy maximum safety. Studies have shown that approximately 40%of residential burglars normally gain access into the houses through the first floor door. By ensuring that these doors are as secure as possible, you can reduce the burglary rate by a big percentage. The Lockout services in Thornhill recommend using steel deadbolts that extend at least one inch throw, which is the length that should expand into the door frame. For higher security, go through the locks that normally resist saws with spinning pins when you try to cut them off. These locks are made such that the saw rotates the pins without really cutting off any of the sections.

Remember the strike plate

This refers to the plate that helps in covering the locksets used in securing a door. There are some lock systems where it is used for decorative purposes instead of security purposes. The emergency lockout services Thornhill say that this is usually the most vulnerable point of a lockset. This section is normally a common target of tools used by burglars such as crowbars. To enhance the level of safety, many strike plates are made using heavy gauge metal strike plates attached with at least four screws with a length of more than three inches long. This helps in ensuring that the strike plates are strongly attached to the door and have lower chances of getting removed.

Digital locks

A large percentage of residence burglars normally pick the cylinder in order to gain access. The 24 hour lockout service does give the solution of various digital locks including: fingerprint, remote controlled and push button locks. Remember to ensure the units have no keyholes. There are some digital systems that come with keyholes as pat of a back-up plan in case the digital functioning fails to work. If you are worried about the security of your home, contact us for unlimited solutions today.